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Our Products and Services.

Air Filters

We have been Filter Specialists for 35 years.

  • We Provide a range of Filter Efficiencies based on ISO 16890, ASHRAE 52.1, EN779:2012, EN1822:2019 Standards

  • We Conduct Site Inspections and Site Analysis to determine suitability of Air Filters used for the Gas Turbine based on conditions at Site

  • We Solution the Filter Efficiency and Performance Characteristics based on Site Conditions and Analysis

  • We Offer a range of Filters for Different Applications (Offshore, Onshore, HVAC etc.)

The Products we Offer.

Product Feature:

FVXX by Faist Anlagenbau GMBH

faist filter1.jpg
faist filter3.JPG
faist filter2.JPG

600mm Filter Depth

  • higher dust loading capacity

  • Longer filter life 

  • Lower differential pressure across filter lifetime

Robust and Rigid Construction

  • High quality filter construction

  • Sturdy design for better reliability

  • Stiffened and tight protection grids

Anti-Water Ingression Design

  • Drainage channel to prevent water retention

  • Automated process for potting of media to frame


The Globally Recognized Brands we Represent.

Faist Anlagenbau GMBH

Air Filter Manufacturer for Gas Turbine Applications based in Germany


Malaysian Air Filter (MAF)

Air Filter Manufacturer for Gas Turbine Applications based in Malaysia

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