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About Us.

Who We Are

Harimau Petrocon Services Pte Ltd was established in 1986 as a trading company and was involved in the supply of goods and services to the Agriculture and Power Generation industries.


Since then, we have rapidly grown to a leading regional organization, serving a wide variety of markets with a major focus on Petrochemical and Chemical processing, Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas production, Power Generation, Agriculture and Marine Industries.

To Provide Customized Engineering Solutions to Enhance the Business of Our Customers and Meet Their Expectations.

Our Mission.

Our Vision.

To Become The Trusted Integrated Solutions Provider of Value Inducing Products and Services that continuously meet our Customers' Expectations and Solves their Problems.

Our Values.


We strive to provide High Quality Tailor-Made Solutions to our Customers, Reducing Inefficiencies and Minimizing Impact to the Environment.


We understand that our Customers are the Core of the Business. We strive for Service Excellence to bring Maximum Value to our Customers. Nothing Less.


We work closely with our Suppliers to look at Implementing Cutting Edge Technology to Revolutionize the Approach to Finding Solutions for Problem Solving.

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